Thesis Statement About Madonna

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Madonna louise ciccone , better known as Madonna is an american singer, songwriter , actress ,and a business-woman. Madonna was born on the 15 of august
1958 in Bay city , Michigan. Madonna grew in a very strict territory.when she reached the age of six , her mother died because of breast cancer. When that happened
Madonna struggled with her family. Madonna had to live with her relatives, until her father married after two years. Their family started to demand more responsibilities from her. When she turned twelve , she was sent to a local catholic high school. There she proved that she was bright and intensive.

Madonna has a lot of deep quotes , and personally , I think this quote is very deep
And more of a letter to women ; To be
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My thesis statement about Madonna is how strong she was , like some people didn’t really like Madonna , and said negative stuff about her , but she was strong , believed in herself , and encouraged other women to also believe in themselves too , and be strong and powerful because women have rights and are strong. She is a very powerful and strong woman in this way , and did I mention she is one of the most powerful and most strongest women in the industry?

Madonna’s parents had seven children (including madonna)
Silvio Ciccone – (Madonna’s father) is a designer engineer for general academics , he
Was born on June 6 , 1931 , which makes him 84 years old.,
Madonna Louise Ciccone – (Madonna’s mother) was of french-canadian descent . she
Died of breast cancer when Madonna was only six years old. Madonna Louise
Ciccone was born on July 11 , 1933 , in Bay City , Michigan , USA
( the same birth place as Maddona ) , and died December 1963 , in Oakland
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