Thesis Statement Against Death Penalty

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FAS1101 Overview Essay
Name: Choong Ying
Matriculation Number: A0156693R

Topic: Killing of innocent persons due to the implementation of the death penalty
Thesis: Possibility of killing innocent persons is one of the most convincing argument against the death penalty, with basis from the “retributivism theory of capital punishment”. Retributivism is characterized by the belief that punishment for the wrongdoers is being justified for. (Jeffrie Murphy, 2007) Reasons that support this argument is summarized as follows:
(1) The proportion between the accurate and efficient amount of punishment and moral severity of the offense is determined by human perception which is highly subjective and this could lead to potential disputes regarding the proportion appropriateness. It is terrifying to find that irrational juries exist in the face of legislature and the power that they have in their hands. (Davis, 1983)
(2) Legislature has always given special treatment to females (Chan, 2007) and the race majority even though their subsequent counterparts may have perpetrated similar degree of crimes that warrants capital punishment. (Baldus, 2005) Data Analysis have found that the legislature is more likely to sentence the death penalty on innocent persons based on racial discriminations. (Young, 2004)
(3) Capital punishment cannot be overturned unlike other forms of punishment whereby possibility of errors can be corrected by pardons. (Ernest and Conrad, 1983) There exists many flaws in
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