Thesis Statement And Supporting Reasons For The Manhattan Project

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Thesis Statement and Supporting Reasons
As a result of the urgency of World War II, an immense amount of resources were provided to the Manhattan Project that ultimately lead to success in America’s creation of an atomic weapon.

Assembled together for the Manhattan Project, scientists from several different nations banded together to research and design the atomic bomb.
Scientists came from America, Germany, Italy, and Austria
Many fled in danger of religious or ethnic persecution (Roleff 57).
The scientists were able to enlist the help of Albert Einstein in order to gain support for the Manhattan Project (McKain 18).
Enrico Fermi and Leo Szilard created the first nuclear pile in Chicago, 1942 (Roleff 54).
Some of the greatest minds in physics collaborated together to create the bomb.
The project was put under command of Leslie Groves, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Beyer 37).
The amount of funding as well as political support provided to the Manhattan Project gave the researchers the ability to make technological breakthroughs at unfathomable frequencies.
Only two years went by between the construction of the first nuclear reactor and the first detonation of the atomic bomb.
Compared to other countries, the time scale of the Manhattan project was impossibly rapid.
In the end, the Manhattan Project costed nearly $2 billion, or $21 billion today (Brookings Institution).
FDR had his full support behind the Manhattan Project (McKain 13).
As did
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