Biggels Clean Aid: Company Analysis

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For this assignment assume that I work for a company which manufactures a multi-purpose washing detergent. The name of my company is called Biggels Clean Aid and in this assignment I shall apply the speech to demonstrate as my presentation mode to the visiting Saudi Arabians Biggels Clean Aid was established 3 years ago with the purpose of making an affordable, effective and environment friendly product. Since its inception Biggels Clean Aid has registered 80% growth selling a minimum of 1,000,000 products per month. This exponential growth has made Biggels Clean Aid become a household name and is currently the leading cleaning detergent on the market according to a research done by a market research firm in Uganda Our goal in…show more content…
You only use a few drops to clean much which makes is last longer than other cleaning agents Point 3 Available in a wide range of scents and sizes Research to support my argument Other prominent firms like Oates laboratories who use Citrus by products which are biodegradable and environment friendly Just like what Biggels Clean Aid uses when making its detergents References Concluding statements Biggels Clean Aid is your best money for value detergent available at affordable prices I would like to welcome you to this presentation by Biggels Clean Aid. We are glad to have you with us here at Biggels where we pride in being the leading cleaning aid manufacturers in Uganda “Everybody needs a super multi-purpose cleaning aid and there is no better choice than Biggels Clean Aid your perfect partner in fighting dirt, grease and stubborn stains” If you are looking for an environment friendly cleaning detergent then Biggels Clean Aid is your perfect choice. Made using Citrus by products which are biodegradable not only makes Biggels a perfect choice but also party to the conversation of the…show more content…
It has left the once stained window sparkling clean “I shall at this moment any questions and reactions from my audience” Concluding Statements Make no mistake, Biggels Clean Aid is your new partner in dealing with dirt the right way and in the most affordable way. Buy Biggels Clean Aid today! I hope you have enjoyed this presentation about Biggels Clean Aid and have enjoyed your stay with us I am offering free samples to all of you as a souvenir to take back with you to Saudi Arabia and thank you for visiting with us here at Biggels Clean Aid. References McLean, S. (2010). Business Communication for Success. The Saylor Foundation. Retrieved from:

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