Thesis Statement: Cats Aren T Afraid Of Dogs

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Thesis statements are written to outline the main idea of an essay and to give direction to the paper. Thesis statements can often be argued or proved by factual information. As a writer, you want to base your thesis statement on your main topic of interest. For example, if my thesis statement is, "Cats aren't afraid of dogs.", the rest of my essay needs to provide factual information on why cats aren't afraid of dogs. To write an effective thesis statement the writer should know the topic and be able to transition from the topic to the thesis statement. Also, thesis statements should only be one to two sentences. If the writer can't sum up the main idea of the essay in one to two sentences, then he/she doesn't fully grasp the main idea yet.

Chapter 31 provided lots of information on thesis statements that helped me to fully understand what a thesis statement is and its purpose. Chapter 31 begins talking about titles and why they are important. Titles help the audience decide if they want to read the passage or not. Titles can be written to announce the subject of the text or to entice the reader. Chapter 31 explains how to move
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Although the thesis statement may seem like nothing compared to the rest of an essay, it is one of the most important pieces. A working thesis statement and a final thesis statement are two ways that the thesis statement can be broken up. A working thesis statement is what helps prepare your final thesis statement. A working thesis statement is your first attempt at asserting your point. This is important because it helps generate ideas about your topic for writing purposes. The working thesis statement can then be transformed into a final thesis statement. The final thesis statement is the polished statement that provides details or thoughts about your main topic. This statement should embody the paper as a
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