Thesis Statement For Animal Farm Essay

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Thesis Statement: Dictators Create decisions for what can be said and done.

The animals in the novel Animal Farm had created a set of commandments that all the animals had to follow, then one day the group Napoleon and the other pigs broke the fourth commandment by sleeping in beds, the Animals on the farm read the commandment and it decreed “No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets” (Orwell 67). The quote supports the thesis for the reason that Napoleon has changed the rules so that he is not breaking them, so that the other animals will not be tempted to confiscate Napoleon's power.The statement supports the quote because Napoleon decision to change the fourth commandment. Napoleon changes the fourth commandment without the vote of the other animals which leaves the animals no choice but to go along with the change for the reason that the animals have been brain washed. The way that the animals were brainwashed was that Napoleon convinced the animals that they too sleep in beds. Napoleon and the other pigs slept in beds, changed the
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We know who ought’ to say things. What good did simon do speaking [...]? It’s time some people knew they’ve got to keep quiet and leave deciding to the rest of us”’ (Golding 101-102). The quote from Lord of the Flies supports the thesis statement because Jack is acting like a dictator by deciding that it would be an incredible idea to take away the idea the actions and say of other people. Jack decisdes that certain people should not talk so he wants the conch taken away as the conch allows the islanders to have say in whhat happens on the island. It also takes away the freedom to actions such as play, make fire, and signal for ships, for the islanders would not be able to have the coive to do those actions. Jack would get rid of
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