Thesis Statement For Antigone

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INTRODUCTION: Open your argument to the audience and give them reason to listen on. I. Hook (Opening Statement): Get your audience’s attention! Consider a quote from the story. Are there any circumstances in which the law should be ignored? II. Overview (specific to topic/plot): Outline major background points about the play. In the play Antigone by Sophocles Antigone breaks the law and in the article Student protests growing over gender-equal dress codes they try to change the dress code rules. III. Thesis Statement (Main Argument/Preview of Points): Outlines your argument/theme. Law should usually be followed, but there are certain circumstances such as if you love someone, a law crosses your morals and if the law is unfair or unequal. BODY PARAGRAPH #1: This first paragraph should focus on how conflicts support theme. I. Topic Sentence: States the literary element and introduces how it supports your theme. Antigone loved her brother and the law wasn 't going to stop her from giving him a respectful burial. II. First Supporting Detail: Introduce the first reason that supports your use of the literary element. Love is a very strong force and if you love something enough it will almost always come true. III. Quote/Example: Provide a quote or specific example as evidence or support. “ISMENE: They mean a great deal to me, but I have no strength To break laws that were made for the public good. ANTIGONE: That must be your excuse, I suppose. But as for me, I will bury the
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