College Student Athletes

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Universities across the country are earning millions of dollars each year from their various athletic programs. Many college athletes face countless hardships because they face a magnitude of restrictions while attending college. Student athletes are risking their personal safety and putting their futures at risk for the benefits of the universities. Nevertheless, the only compensation they are allowed to receive is a scholarship that can only be warranted on a yearly basis. Everyone is reaping the benefits of the college athletic programs while the student athletes are the ones who are risking everything with no reward. Thesis Statement explaining each topic sentence
While college athletics are a multi-million-dollar business, the principle
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When the NCAA thinks someone is in violation of one of it regulation, it will launch into the actuation. Once the investigation is complete it goes in front of a committee, they decide the penalties based on each case. The uniqueness of the college sports programs makes it almost impossible to give out the same punishment for each case because every case has different circumstances. Once the committee has considered all aspects of the violations they will hand out its punishment. When deciding the punishments, the NCAA wants the penalties to be sufficient enough to deter the universities from committing the violations again and any advantage that was gained hopefully will be removed once the sanctions have been applied. (Citation) Even knowing that the NCAA will investigate any infraction of the amateurism rule student athletes are willing to risk everything to make some money. Some of the punishment’s the student athletes might face are, the most common is being suspend for a set number of games with the most extreme being permanent ineligibility. (Citation) In one of the most extreme cases, former Heisman trophy winner Reggie Bush a football player from the University of Southern California (USC) had to return his Heisman trophy for violating the NCAA amateurism rules. The ripple effects of…show more content…
College sports are called amateurs, but the schools and the NCAA make millions of dollars a year off the performance of its players. Athletic coaches are allowed to make millions of dollars off the success of their programs. Some coaches make more money than their state representatives all the will their players are only guaranteed a scholarship they can revoked at any time for a various of reason’s. Business across the nation would like to be doing what the NCAA and universities are doing with their student athletes. Nowhere else in America are you going to find that a multi-million-dollar business that gets revenue off its employees that have signed contracts but not pay them. Even with all the money that is being made by athletic programs, they claim that it’s an amateur organization and the purpose is to promote
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