Thesis Statement For College Unemployment

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HOOK : Student and parents who think that a degree diploma is all that is needed to be hired for work. Many college grads could not find suitable jobs.
BACKGROUND INFORMATION : Nearly everyone agrees that recent college grads are having a tough time finding work. Moreover, young people aged 18 to 34 have struggle with double-digit unemployment. Some people believe that the rising of college unemployment due to lack of employment opportunities. Even though the job market for new college graduates is better than it has been in recent years, there is still a vast amount of unemployment and underemployment among college graduates.
THESIS STATEMENT : Many people think that a degree diploma is easy to get job and higher position but it is not, it depends on others. Many said that an education is the main ingredient to be a successful in life. Therefore the labor market has become more challenging for recent college grads.
- Topic sentences : Many people said that an education is the main ingredient to be a successful in life. Therefore the incidence of underemployment among the graduates much higher. The reason of difficulty in finding job, this is increased competition.
Support : Too many
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College graduate unemployment is a serious problem, therefore good cooperation among Industry, Universities and Government are expected to be able to overcome it. There is more demand for skill and education, and young people have less skill and experience than the typical worker. We don’t do a very good job of training them out of school to be prepped and ready to go. If young people don’t have much practical experience from working in an office, they need to realize that they have other talent that is transferable to jobs, such as writing blogs for social media or learning time-management skills from working in a bakery or restaurant kitchen. You need the outstanding certificate so as to get job
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