Thesis Statement For Divorce Essay

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OUTLINE Topic- Divorce Audience- People ranging in the young and middle adulthood. Thesis statement- There are a variety of factors that prompt the separation of a couple as a consequence carrying a baggage of effects with them. I. Why divorce occurs? A. Causes of divorce. 1. Early marriage. 2. Lack of intimacy. II. Conditions triggering divorce. B. Causes of divorce. 1. Communication problem. 2. Deceitfulness and financial issues. III. How divorce affects? C. Effects of divorce. 1. Effects on the couple itself. 2. The outcome of it on children. IV. Impact of divorce. D. Positive response from it. 1. Better living condition. 2. Children grow in a peaceful environment. Conclusion- Give my opinions about which cause and effect are the most severe along with repeating the thesis statement. DIVORCE Divorce is the suspension of the marital coalition under the terms legally summoned by the court. The…show more content…
I am going to identify some of the outcomes of this order. Divorce affects everyone involved with the couple, firstly the couple itself followed by their kids and parents. As stated by Corcoran (1997), the female partner is more likely to detect marital problems so the divorce assists in boosting their pride making them feel stress-free; altering and advancing according to the environment. She claims that men find it hard to adapt to the concept of divorce and the absence of affection. The children also exhibit differences in their behavior after the separation of their parents as per Corcoran the male and female child cope with this circumstance very distinctly. The male child reacts in a way which is quite evident, such as acute agitation, disappointment and devastation whereas the female child tends to bolt the emotions inside her, leading to melancholy, physical disruption in the body and changes in the eating and sleeping

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