Thesis Statement For Gun Control

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Gun control as stated in the last source is a major issue in America. Studies have been done to see if there is any correlation between higher or lower crimes involving guns due to strong or weak gun control policies. This journal talks about how they performed a study involving four states Florida, Texas, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. From these four states they used statistics on specific types of crimes that could involve a gun, murder, property crime, rape, assault, and many more. When they studied these states with different gun policies with these types of crimes they found that there is zero correlation to the amount of crimes involving guns to the laws in place. This source was the most knowledgeable for me, mainly because going into this…show more content…
After reading this journal and reviewing the statistics stated it clearly shows no correlation of the two. By seeing these results it makes you wonder what else then can be done to lower the rates of gun control. This journal reflects great of my thesis statement because it is specifically talking about the correlation between crimes involving guns and the strength of gun control laws in

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