Thesis Statement For Online Dating

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Thesis statement: online dating has been successful, however there are some risks and dangers that should be avoided.
Topic sentence#1: Online dating has been proven to be successful in the dating world.
Topic sentence#2: Impostors are the number one thing to avoid when online dating.
Topic sentence#3: Online dating can be very useful and fun when safely doing it. The internet has given a new perspective to dating. All the days of waiting for someone special to walk into your life are gone, thanks to online online dating. with the availability of free online dating websites gives an endless amount of people to meet. There are several advantages with this form of dating, but there are also many disadvantages to be aware of before deciding to go into the world of online dating. About 81% of online dating users lie about either their height, weight or age in their dating profiles. Some people suggest doing a background check before talking or connecting with them to make sure they are not lying about themselves. Several individuals have been hurt while online dating, multiple studies have claimed that breakups are more common in couples who meet online than the couples who meet face to face.
Online dating has been proven to be successful in the dating world. “Online dating is estimated to be a $2 billion business, with 1 in 10 Americans reporting they have used an online dating site or mobile app, and nearly a quarter reporting that they found a spouse or partner online”
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