Thesis Statement For Physician Assisted Suicide

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The Right to Die 1) Introduction a) Thesis statement: Physician assisted suicide offers patients a choice of getting out of their pain and misery, presents a way to help those who are already dead mentally because of how much a disease has taken over them, proves to be a great option in many states its legal in, and puts the family at ease knowing their love one is out of pain. i) The use of physician assisted death is used in many different countries and some states. ii) Many people who chose this option are fighting a terminal illness. iii) The legalization has been talked about among many states and countries for years. 2) Body a) Physician assisted death has a long history. i) Ancient Greeks and Romans support Euthanasia (assisted suicide). ii) The idea that it should be illegal to help someone commit suicide is most often ascribed to the Biblical Commandment: Thou Shalt Not…show more content…
iii) Euthanasia contains a much smaller chance for mistakes and may be necessary in cases where a patient is too sick for self-administration. iv) While Euthanasia is banned in most countries and all states in US, it is physician assisted dying or PAD that has been allowed in some states such as Oregon, Montana, Washington, etc. on grounds of compassion. c) The pros of physician assisted death. i) People have the right to die with dignity and in a humane way. ii) Some people just lose their will to live and should be supported on this matter. iii) Patients have the right to the kind of treatment they want. 3) Conclusion a) Physician assisted suicide can help treat the terminally ill how they would like to be treated. b) The long history of assisted suicide speaks for itself in the matter of if it should be legal or
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