Thesis Statement For Same Sex Marriage

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OUTLINE Title: Philippine bishop; same-sex marriage is against natural law Thesis Statement: Same-sex marriage should not even allow in the Philippines because it against natural law. Even without same-sex marriage they can also show their love for each other. I.Introduction: 1.1 Historical background 2. Main Idea: Same-sex marriage is against natural law 2.1 Marriage is only between a female and male 2.2 Same-sex married couples, is unconstitutional 3. Main Idea: Draws criticisms 3.1 Protest Action 3.2 Demanding equal rights 4. Main Idea: Effect of same-sex marriage 4.1 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and transgender 4.2 Preserve under the family code INTRODUCTION: Philippines is said to be a conservative country since June 29, 2013 the day that Catholicism was introduced by the Spaniards. People beliefs and actions were truly guide by the said religion. However as their way of living were gradually improving so their ideas regarding relationships and sexuality in early times. It was a taboo if a person generally a male said that he’s gay. But now almost everyone seems to accept if the person they know is either gay or a lesbian. Similarly marriage was sacred and was considered to a union for both men and women. The legality of same-sex marriage is being discussed by the lawmaker of the country. However one of the members of congress said that the

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