Thesis Statement For Sympathy

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Thesis Statement: Sympathy is earned through hard work not by thinking you “Deserve It”. Introduction: Do people really deserve sympathy if they have done something so wrong it hurts someone else? Sympathy is something one deserves it something that’s earned. In golden girls donna decided to hurt her friend and do mean things such as lie to her for stuff like this you must ask if one really does deserve sympathy no matter the way they are feeling. Golden girl talks about how hard life their life of highschool is and her ruining her friendship. The whole story is her lying and being mean to her best friend. Sympathy is something that should be earned Body 1: She should earn sympathy rather than not. She should need to go out and apologize in a meaningful way. People who decide that they are everything or want to be everything don't really deserve sympathy people should be righteous and friendly to each other and especially if you’re friends don't go…show more content…
Anna needs to sit and talk with donna as to why she did what she had done even if that isn't like something anna would do. Donna is someone who feels lesser and always wanted to be like anna popular pretty etc. Donna lacks confidence and doesn't feel like she can be that so she decides to lie to anna and talk behind her back but only because anna was mean to her and didn't really give her the light of day or sympathy or any other form of feelings beside a tiny bit of friendship. Donna's boyfriend didn't even really like her he more liked anna and anna's boyfriend liked her but she liked the teacher. I believe neither donna nor anna deserve sympathy they were both extremely rude to everyone and they should think about what they did and try their best to make it better otherwise they may aswell just abandon being friends with anyone or even being popular anna needs to apologize to donna as well and they should just kiss and
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