Thesis Statement For The Movie Avatar

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Avatar Thesis

In the movie Avatar the main theme of it was about the military going in and disrupting the land of the native Omaticaya people because they found precious unobtanium which was extremely rare and expensive. They values the money they would get from the unobtanium rather the lives of the Na’vi. They sent in scientist in to befriend the Omaticaya people and give them schools, roads, and education, but they wanted to be left alone. Also the scientist were sent in to essentially move the Omaticaya people so that they could “peacefully” tear down all of their civilization if they dint comply with the military people and retrieve this unobtanium they so badly needed because of the worth of it. From seeing this movie you might think that they are referring to what happened with Andrew Jackson and the state government back in the early 1830’s. According to, Both Andrew Jackson and the State government forced nearly 125,000 of Native Americas out of their
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Quaritch and his military men never gave up on killing them for the unobtanium and shows that he was heartless. The movie first shows him off as patriotic military man who was there to defend and protect his country but in fact he was a gun crazy guy who only cared about the money and never protecting his people. Even in the beginning of the movie Quaritch said If it moves, shoot it, if your now sure it’s movings shoot it. Then later on right before battle he said that “When we destroy it, we will blast a crater in their racial memory so deep they won 't come within a thousand klicks of this place.” This just shows that he has no problem hurting them if they are not human, he has no care for other life other than his own. This just proves my point of the theme of the Military men and head administrator Parker Selfridge not once caring about the native Omaticaya people they just wanted the unobtanium. They valued the money coming from the unobtanium rather the precious lives of the

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