Thesis Statement Of Malcolm X

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Malcolm X is born as Malcolm Little in Omaha, Nebraska. The Midwest, during this period, is full of discrimination and racial violence. Malcolm’s family moves to Michigan where they continue to experience persecution and violence. White people murder Malcolm’s father and force his mother into a mental hospital. His mother Louise Little is a mixed of black and white. After his mother was not able to take care of her children anymore, Malcolm and his siblings were separated. He was sent to Swerlin, white foster home in Lansing. There, he was the only Black child. Malcolm is the bright student but the teacher did not acknowledge him. He was asked about his ambition. He told to the teacher that he want to become a lawyer but the teacher said that he should only be a carpenter because there was no Black become a lawyer at that time. Since then, it was the turning point for Malcolm. He quit his school and went to Boston, visiting his half sister Ella. He got a job at Harlem, New York and from there he involved with many bad activities like gambling, drugs, drink alcohol and many more. When he found that his life dangerous, he moved to Boston and became the burglar until he was arrested. In prison he learns about Islam. He also adores about Elijah Muhammad, the Nation Islam’s leader and he took Malcolm as the minister for the Nation Islam. After he actively participates with the Nation Islam, he had some fight with Elijah Muhammad; he had his own organization Muslim Mosque. He got

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