Thesis Statement On Atonement

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syst. Preface My paper focusses on how the atonement and the victory of Christ's resurrection on easter finds its relevance in our lives today.As christians, we often come across challenges and situations that may challenge our faith. We often come across situations that may sometimes make us either doubt our faith in Christ. It may make us to even doubt whether Christ is really able to help us through those challenges. So we tend to ask, where is Christ when all this is happening? “Where was christ when my son was murdered, when my daughter was rapped, when ISIS beheaded my friend, where was he?” A challenging question that comes with the atonement is that if Christ saved us from evil, then why do we still have evil reigning over the world. ISIS is still out there kidnapping and beheading, Boko Haram still kidnapping and killing, Al Shabaab, Earthquake,suicide bombings and so on and so forth, the list continues and the list continues. How then do we see Christ's atonement as still valid in our lives and how do we still hold onto that promise of salvation even when we are in the midst of all these struggles with evil? Thesis statement Even though we hold unto the…show more content…
However, even though defeated, satan is still flapping his wings down there trying to pass through the net and his captor is still pulling the net to ensure that the satan does not escape from his custody.The scene of these struggle is here on earth and especially in the human heart. The struggles we undergo in our lives is as a result of satan's struggle to unchain himself from his captor.Through his last attempt to rescue himself from his capture, satan is still using human beings to accomplish his evil mission on earth. He is raining calamity upon calamity, throwing blows upon blows, to the earth to try to regain his

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