Thesis Statement On Bilingual Education

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Today, bilingual education used in many countries for a variety of social and educational purposes. It is become actual problem of this century. Because, the world is changing and according to the requirements of time, the human mind adjusts to new discoveries, to new tops. Large-scale changes in all spheres of human activity: the globalization of the economy and politics, the information explosion, the rapid development of communication defined new requirements for the quality of education. First of all, a general global trend towards integration in the sphere of education determines the trend towards integration of subject knowledge. All of this need to focus on the knowledge of a coherent picture of the world. Modernization in the field…show more content…
Does this program help to get good quality of knowledge?
It is interesting for me, because it will help me to make the right choice for the university. Moreover, in the future I want to become a good specialist in the field of tourism. Investigating this problem, I can find out whether it will help me to become an independent person who can make the right decisions.
In addition, in the future my niece will study at school where teaching is carried out in several languages. Is it profitable to study in the bilingual system from an early age? That is what I want to learn and to
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Integrated education influences other languages and possible positive or negative consequences in near future may turn to actual problems around the world, however a lot of people are not aware of that, so this issue becomes stronger and influences modern world. Therefore, the main purpose of this research is to determine the quality of knowledge in bilingual education system in Kazakhstan, advantages and disadvantages of it. Also, explore opinion of Kazakh people and answer to the questions:
• Does this program help to get good quality of knowledge?
• Is it profitable to study in the bilingual system from an early age?
The outcomes of the research will be intended to increase understanding about bilingualism and used as an aid to parents to choose suitable school for the children and to students to decide which university to go to study. The research includes several different methods. This enable the data and information accumulated by one technique to be checked and affirmed by an alternate.
For the secondary sources, I will search books, journals or any type of it from the internet. I will compare the different articles and analyze the arguments. In addition, I will use other research papers with the same topic to find what experts say about this topic.
There are two methods of primary research:
• survey
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