Thesis Statement On Borderline Personality Disorder

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Borderline Personality Disorder

Intro: AGD: What do Amy Winehouse, Angelina Jolie, Princess Diana, and I have in common? We all have Borderline Personality Disorder. I am diagnosed with Borderline Personality disorder, as is my sister, so I know how it feels to have it effect your body and your life. Thesis: Today I am going to tell you some things about how Borderline Personality Disorder effects your mind, body, and the people around you Preview: First we have to go inside the mind to see how this disorder effects your emotions and how you think
1. How BPD effects your brain
a. According to, some of the mental symptoms of BPD are, having an unstable or dysfunctional self-image or a distorted sense of self, feelings of isolation, boredom and emptiness, difficulty feeling empathy for others, and strong feelings of anxiety, worry and depression
b. Borderline Personality disorder can have a physical effect on your brain. A study by the University of Toronto shows that there are differences between a healthy brain and a brain with BPD
i. Anthony C. Ruocco, assistant professor in the Department of Psychology and program in neuroscience, and his team evaluated data from 11 already published studies and proved a number of significant differences between people with BPD and those without. ii. The area in the brain called the insula, the part that helps determine how intensely we experience negative emotions is extremely in people with BPD. However, regions
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