Thesis Statement On Bullying

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(topic sentence) Stand up for what you believe in. (background info) A boy named Jamie Nabozny was bullied throughout his childhood about his sexual orientation. He was hurt mentally, verbally and physically in middle school and high school; (Attention grabbing Strategy) in particular, during those years Jamie was bullied so much that he was threatened to go to school; as a result, every day, he would wait until everyone left to walk home to avoid the violence. In addition Jamie even ran twice away from his home and family to the big city and even tried to commit suicide once by taking pills just to avoid the bullying. (thesis statement) In the document Jamie was determined to face and fight many challenges for what is right and become a better and stronger person. (supporting main point) Jamie faced many challenges when he went to middle school; however, he tried and learned how to stand up for himself. (evidence) For most of his life, he was bullied frequently because of his sexual orientation;(elaboration) for instance, during his time at school, he was hit and laughed at every time he entered the bathroom; in addition, every time he would tell a staff member about his problem they would respond in the same way, “You should have known that this was going to happen before you decided your sexual orientation”. Because the way the others treated him did not change, Jamie tried to commit suicide by taking many pills but he regretted it and went to the hospital. He looked
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