Comfort Women Thesis

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The World War 2 carried many un remedied and unacknowledged injustices among the human race. One of the greatest inhuman acts committed was “comfort women “issue. These were women and girls that were either lured or forcefully taken in to the Japanese military camps to serve as sexual objects for the soldiers. Some women were trafficked into sexual slavery with the promise to work in big textile industries. The imperial Japanese military colonialists supported this act of comfort women citing that it aided in reduction of rape crimes that the Japanese army would have been prone to. Most f the women that were recruited were from china and Korea hence the existing tension between Korea and Japan to date.
Thesis statement The fact that Japanese government made an apology to the Korean government and to the women who were
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First, Japan should acknowledge having committed the crimes and carry the full responsibility under the international legal statues. The Japan government should also file an official apology citing sincere remorse from the entire government as opposed from apologies just from the Japanese military, because the Japanese military were acting on orders from the national government. The Japanese government should acknowledge having recruited women and girls to serve as sex slaves in Japanese military brothels and the existence of victims to date. Secondly, even if most of the victims that suffered as comfort women are already dead, the Japanese government should make efforts to compensate the existing victims as well as families of the ones that died. They should do so in terms of reasonable amounts of money that can sustain both their families and them. such an act would act as a sincere outward sign of the desire to settle the issue once and for
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