Thesis Statement On Divorce

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General Statement :
Happiness is not the absence of problems as life would not be that perfect without problems; they are our guidelines so have the ability to expect them and deal with them.
Problem statement :
One of the social problems that we are facing nowadays is Divorce .
Definition :
A divorce is a legal action between married people that decided to sign a legal papers that make them each single .
Size :
The fact of how huge the problem is that it’s increasing by 0.5% each month all over the world.
Causes :
Lack of communication, Treason, Lack of trust, Feeling constrained, Insecurity, jealousy , Differences of standards and age , Finances and unemployment of husband .
Effects on children : Depression , child displacement
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Research Question:
Is divorce the last chapter of the story or just the wrong solution ? Thesis Statement : Divorce is that truck that hit a man , he will survive from it but then he will start looking very carefully to the right and to the left , I don’t see divorce is a failure it’s the end of story as everything has it’s beginning and ending . The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers is one of the bests foundations that have all answers about divorce. To be more clear I would explain it through the functional , Operational and Social Feasibilities .
1st Consideration ( Functional ) :
Topic sentence : Functional Feasibility is important to mention .
Definition : having a special activity or task relating to the way something works .
Details : Causes of Divorce : Lack of Communication & Trust , Treason , Jealousy , Feeling constrained .. yet, This is solved through the sessions that are made by The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers That includes divorce, annulment, child custody and child support and this by addressing programs in school , courts and organizations to help children how to cope and go on with the stresses of divorce , teaching the siblings how to cope also and they provide counseling to children expressing domestic violence , alcohol abuse and mental illness . The National Academy meets twice every year, Each November in Chicago there are meetings, educational programs , elections
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Details :
Trained stuff :
The foundation fellows enjoy a reputation for competence and for professionalism as they are highly skilled and litigators who represent in all facets of family law.
Facilities : Examples of projects recently funded of the foundation : Shelters , and assistants for domestic violence , programs in school to help children , scholarships for law students in family law of young family law attorneys and recommendations regarding issues in matrimonial laws and marriage enrichment to prevent divorce.
Required technology:
Computers and laptops.
Budget : The Grants they have is $5,000 annually yet they are based on the distribution of the foundation in a year.
Evidence : (
Commentary on Evidence : Having a strong evidence let you believe what’s you are reading , here it was very detailed to show how the American Academy is a well-organized foundation.
Wrap up : The academy is defining itself through it’s well trained stuff and its facilities they provide that make them unique from other foundations , it’s a well-developed organization
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