Thesis Statement On Family Violence

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The Family Violence
Elio Ishak
Notre Dame University, Louaize


Thesis statement: This following research paper will discuss the signs and symptoms of family violence, the forms that family violence can take, and steps to restrain this violence.

I. Family violence signs and symptoms:
a. Psychological
b. physical
c. no injury signs

II. Family violence different forms:
a. physical
b. emotional
c. sexual

III. steps to restrain family violence:
a. talk to the victim
b. learn about domestic violence
c. join organizations that fights family violence


Family violence is a form of abuse acts, that exist between family members in order to gain power and control. Family violence has been
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The psychological signs begin when the abuser overly controlee the victim, coercive and attempt to answer all questions for the victim. Also, some signs on the victim my reflect the violence like may appear quiet and passive, also as depression and anxiety.
On the other hand, the physical signs are the most symptoms realized and visualized, abuser assault may lead to mane injuries type. From the physical signs, tympanic membrane rupture, scrapes and cuts on the face, neck scrapes, abdominal cuts and arm scrapes.
Some injuries on the body may seem similar to injuries from other causes but the locations may increase the idea of family violence. From this injuries we know injures distributed around the breasts, body and genitals, because the area are usually hidden by clothes throughout that head and neck are the site of 70% of violence. Some characteristics of family violence injuries are bites, rope and cigarettes burns also as bruises.
The non-injury physical signs are headache, neck and chest pains, fast heart beats and many
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Sexual assault and abuse can have devastating impacts. Sexual assault is undesired sexual act by person which lead the partner to feel uncomfortable during the relationship. It contains:
• forced sexual behavior like rape
• stalking, human trafficking and exhibitionism
• forcing someone to act humiliating sexual behavior by force

These three types of violence are different levels of abuse, with much more kinds of violence which can’t be listed, all of them are damaging in their own ways (Domestic violence statistics 2017).

Finally, and the most important point, is how to prevent family violence in our community.
The first step if you know someone is being hurt, you should talk to them and tell them that you’re concerned about their safety, ask them to talk about what’s happening with them, let them know that what’s happening is a crime and it’s not their fault.
The second step in order to stop family violence, consist around learning more about it, the more you understand, the easier it will be to recognize it and help others who may be victims, report abuse when you see it, join in organizations that are dedicated to stop family
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