Thesis Statement On Inclusive Education

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Education is a tool for National Development and a means for the acquisition of skills, physical /social abilities and competencies necessary for producing an egalitarian society (National Policy on Education, 2004).
Inclusive Education has been posited as the only means of ensuring that the goal of free and qualitative education for children with disabilities as stipulated in Article 24 of the UNCRPD is accomplished.
This brief aims to sensitize the general public, policymakers and stakeholders in Delta State on the need for inclusive education in mainstream public and private schools.
The goal of inclusive education is to ensure that all children (with or without disabilities) learn together in regular schools, colleges and universities
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These policies though laudable have not been translated into tangible realities in Delta State where the legal backing and policy framework for inclusive education is totally lacking.
My interest in Inclusive Education for children with disabilities in Delta State was piqued after observing the high number of out-of-school children with disabilities among paediatric patients with cerebral palsy at the Physiotherapy Unit of the Federal Medical Centre Asaba, where I am presently engaged as a Physiotherapist.
The situation validates the lessons learnt in discussion three of Module One concerning Mandla’s case where it was established that attitudinal and environmental barriers hinder inclusive education of children with disabilities hence denying them the right to learn within the general education system and fostering their social
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The Universal Children Emergency Fund (UNICEF) clearly states that Inclusive Education is an important vehicle for promoting social integration of children with disabilities (UNICEF, 2001).
The benefits of Inclusive Education in mainstream public and private schools far outweighs that of special needs schools as it ensures that children with disabilities attend neighbourhood schools near their places of residence, learn to relate and play with regular students and also affords their able bodied peers the opportunity of learning about disabilities, creating friendships and harmonious relationships.
There is therefore an urgent need for the implementation of Inclusive Education in all primary and secondary schools in Delta State if the country’s goal of Education for all is to be fully
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