Thesis Statement On Intolerance In Society

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The world has always been a hateful place full of intolerance. According to Webster’s Dictionary intolerance is unable or unwilling to endure. To me, intolerance means treating someone differently because you don’t agree with what they stand for. Thesis statement goes here. One horrendous scenario of intolerance is about a town called Rosewood. In 1923, after World War II, intolerance was a very big thing. Fannie Taylor, a white woman, who lived in Levy County in Florida accused a black man of assaulting her. This angered many of the whites who lived by her, so they formed an angry mob. The mob went to a neighboring town called Rosewood. Rosewood was an African American community with around one-hundred to two-hundred people. The mob killed many people,…show more content…
No one knows how many people were killed in this week long hunt, but it is estimated anywhere from eight people to dozens of people. Many people who were children during that week of horror look back, and all agree on one thing, the man who assaulted Fannie Taylor was her white husband and not a random African American. It is clear that the white mob didn’t really care who assaulted Fannie Taylor, they just wanted to kill black people. African Americans have faced many prejudices over generations. Another group of people who have faced intolerance is homosexuals. For example, in 1984 a gay man named Charlie was thrown off a bridge and killed. Charlie Howard had been bullied since he was a little kid. He grew up in New Hampshire, but moved to Bangor, Maine because he didn’t want to be shameful to his family. While Charlie lived in Maine he would go to church. Although Charlie loved his church and his friends, the rest of the town hated Charlie and the other

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