Thesis Statement On Malcolm X

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Introduction: Malcom X urges the Negro community to fight to gain the equal rights they deserve by taking action against their white oppressors. He emphasizes that blacks will gain their rights either thorough voting, with the ballot, or else through the inevitable violence with the bullet. Thesis [part a] Like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., also fighting for the civil rights of black Americans in the 1960s, but in a more peaceful manner, Malcom X takes a different approach. Thesis [part b] What arguments does Malcolm X make in favor of violent action to reclaim African American rights? Malcom X argues that Black ballots were being wasted. Congress has opposed bills that were intended to support the equality and civil liberties of Blacks. White…show more content…
a warning to the government, if they continued to prohibit African Americans from obtaining full equality, violence would be the only other option. 2. Malcom X mentions the march of 1963 which took place in Washington D.C., stating, “You haven't seen anything. There's some more going down in '64,” “They're not going singing ''We Shall Overcome,” and “They're not going with round-trip tickets. They're going with one way tickets.” 3. He is implying that this election year, African Americans have no intentions of having a friendly and peaceful protest march. Excessive violence will be used and whatever the outcome may be including death hence his statement of “They're going with one way tickets,” African Americans were willing to “go out with a fight “while fighting for true equality. Subtopic 3) Appeal to Ethos, Pathos, and Logos Subtopic 3a) a rhetorical tactic, modes of persuasion used to convince his audience 1) Appeal to Ethos: “Whether we are Christians or Muslims or nationalists or agnostics or atheists, we must first learn to forget our differences.” 1a) uses his credibility as a civil rights leader and prominent figure in the Nation of Islam 1b) persuading Negros to come together as a Black Nation regardless of religious beliefs, to fight for their rightful position in
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