Thesis Statement On Media Violence

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Thesis Requirement for English 27 NB Title: Media and Violent Behavior Thesis Statement: Media violence encourages real violence I. Overview of Violence in the Media Definition of Violence When we hear the word violence what comes into our mind? For me I always associate violence from movies with fight scenes that show a lot of blood and gore. Although my definition is closely related to the general definition of violence, it’s a bit too specific. From what I researched Violence is characterized as "the utilization of physical force or power, undermined or genuine, against oneself, someone else, or against a gathering or group, which either brings about or has a high probability of bringing about damage, passing, mental mischief, maldevelopment, or hardship", in spite of the fact that the group recognizes that the consideration of "the utilization of force" in its definition develops the ordinary comprehension of the word. (World Health Organization, 2002). Basically violence is when a person does harm to another person, a group or oneself with the intention of inflicting pain or worst an intention to kill. So what does media have to do with any of this? Well a person does not need the media in order to develop a violent behavior, but we must remember that most if not all of us have been exposed to the media from watching movies, playing video games, listening to radio programs and reading books. And we all know that these channels of the media have more or less at one
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