Thesis Statement On Online Shopping

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Research question: Compare online shopping with in-store shopping, which one is the optimal choice for consumers?
Thesis statement: Compare with online shopping, in-store shopping has more merits, and it is more suitable for the customers.
Citation 1: Aenold, M.J., & Reynolds, K. E. (2003). Hedonic shopping motivations. In Journal of Retailing, 79 (2), pp. 77–95. Elsevier BV
This article talks about hedonic shopping motivations of consumers. There are six main factors which lead consumers to go shopping: adventure, gratification, role, value, social, and idea shopping motivations. And this article gives classifications of different types of customers. I use this source to introduce what reasons promote
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M., Akroush, M. N., & Ashouri, M. I. (2015). Consumer attitudes towards online shopping: The effects of trust, perceived benefits, and perceived web quality. In Internet Research, 25(5), (pp. 707-733). Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.
This article illustrates the main factors which affect consumers’ attitudes toward online shopping. And it states that trust and perceived benefits are the key reasons. Trust means the confidence between consumers and online shopping. Perceived benefits mean that the integral appraisal after consumers estimate the profits which they perceive and the cost when they obtain the merchandises or services.
I use this source to introduce what are the professional factors which affect the variation of attitudes of consumers for online shopping. And online sellers should pay attention to these factors, do not cheat consumers through fakes. It also corrects my childish thoughts about consumers’ attitudes and impels me to learn about some new and technical concepts like perceived benefits.
Citation 3: McAllister, K. (2007). In-Store Shopping has Certain Advantages, Security Over Online. Dayton Daily
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(2014). Consumer Priorities in Online Shopping. In Knowledge Management in Organizations - 9th International Conference, KMO 2014, Proceedings, 185 LNBIP, (pp. 386-396). Springer Verlag. This article states that consumers generally give priority to considering what factors when they shop online. And the result is that most consumers believe that shipping's price is more important than the commodity's price. In addition, there also are most consumers prefer to shop in the well-known sites.
I choose this source because I can use this source to illustrate that a majority of consumers who dislike higher shipping’s price will choose in-store shopping. And consumers like shopping in famous sites because they worry about buying fakes and they do not have enough sense of security when they shop online.
Citation 5: Sarkar, J. (2015). Shopping Online? Beware of Fakes [India Business]. The Times of India.
This source talks about that when people shop online, they should note fakes. It reports that a consumer bought a pair of Nike Air Max shoes from Snapdeal. Furthermore, it describes forgery’s market is growing now, and the fake problem becomes extremely

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