Thesis Statement On Physical Punishment

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I. Introduction A. P. J. O 'Rourke once said “Everybody knows how to raise children, except the people who have them” (O’Rourke, Pg.10). Parents always want their children to be better than what they used to be when they were at their age; that is why they care about every detail in their children’s life especially when it comes to behavior, obeying them and listening to their words. B. Background Information: i. People came to realize that physical punishment is a rough, atrocious, unacceptable mean of punishment that should be banned for its appalling, horrifying effects. ii. Facts about physical punishment (sources used) 1. Studies have shown that spanking increases aggression 2. Spanking has been linked to lower IQ 3. Physical punishment is associated with increased mental illness C. Thesis Statement: Even though most parents use…show more content…
Counterargument paragraph (opponent’s view) A. Topic sentence: Some parents claim that the only way for their children to behave properly is through physical discipline. B. Elaboration on topic sentence: i. Why do people believe that physical punishment is the right way to discipline their children? (source used) ii. What are their justifications? (source used) C. Refutation of the opponent’s view i. Prove that physical punishment is not the way to motivating your child into doing the right thing. (source used) D. Concluding Sentence: Therefore, it is obvious that physical punishment is still being used by parents widely, yet this idea can be easily opposed due to the physical harm that the child is exposed to and how this creates children’s fear from their parents rather than loving them. III. Body Paragraphs IV. First Reason: psychological A. Topic Sentence: There is overwhelming evidence that physical punishment is both ineffective and harmful to a child’s psychological development. B. What is meant by psychological problems? (sources used) i. Violence (criminal behavior) ii. Aggression iii. Mental
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