Thesis Statement On Police Brutality

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JT Milbry
October 24, 2015
Professor Martin
English 1102
Is Police Brutality a Racist Act on African Americans Males?
Cao, Liqun. Curbing Police Brutality: What Works? A Reanalysis of Citizen Complaints at the Organizational Level. United States, 2003. Print.
Professor Liqun Cao researched the problems of police brutality at a national level in “Curbing Police Brutality”. The analysis was provided by the Department of Defense. Cao main focus is to “establish the baseline correlation of citizen complaint rates with various police organizational factors, and to identify the causal effect of police brutality” (n.p.). In Professor Cao study, he states data that can be helpful to study the problems of unnecessary force and brutality as it is correlated to the percentage of angry concerns from the public. Cao’s thesis was intended to evaluating the aspects in constant knowledge that may add to police brutality. Cao studies “excessive physical force and the second was police use of all other nonphysical forces, such as abuse of authority and verbal abuse” (n.p.).

Cole, Tyler. "Police Brutality against Black Males." Liberty Voice 12 Oct. 2014: (n.p.). Liberty Voice Boldy Inclusive. Web. 08 Oct. 2015.

In his article "Police Brutality against Black Males" From Liberty Voice blog, Tyler Cole, staff writer at Guardian Liberty Voice and advocate for Civil Rights, expresses his thought on "police brutality and excessive force toward Black men" (n.p.). He
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