Thesis Statement On Pornography

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• For most people, pornography use has no negative effects—and it may even deter sexual violence, especially violence towards women.
• A common view about pornography and videos containing pornographic content is that they are morally wrong.
• One of the most common concerns about pornography is that it indirectly hurts women by encouraging sexism, and raising sexual expectations. Some people worry that it may even incite violence against women. The data, however, do not support these claims. Milton Diamond, director of the Pacific Center for Sex and Society at the University of Hawaii, says “There’s absolutely no evidence that pornography does anything negative”.
• Thesis Statement: It can be said that pornography can incite sexual aggression, however, rape statistics suggest that the use of pornography might reduce the desire to rape by offering an alternative way for one to release their sexual desires.

Main point 1 – Watching pornographic videos could have the ability to create an idea of male dominance, and therefore make some men think that violence towards women is acceptable.
• Most men without angry tendencies perceive both soft-core and hard-core pornography as strictly a fantasy and can separate their fantasies from reality. As Gray (1982) asserts, pornography, like comic books or murder mysteries, is an art form; a manifestation of popular culture that is created by members of the society. The problem is that not all men have the ability to successfully
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