Thesis Statement On Recidivism

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K’sani Vanterpool
December 13, 2015
English12 PD 2

Outline THESIS STATEMENT: Identifying sex offenders who return to the community is beneficial because it will reduce the likelihood of recidivism, deter potential offenders and protect members of the community.

I Reduce the likelihood of recidivism
A. Intensive supervisim
B. Intensive rehabilitation programs
II Deter Potential Offenders
A. Risk of public embarrassment
B. Fear of harsh sentences
III Protect the members of the community
A. Increases awareness
B. Reduce the number of sex offenders

Have you ever imagined yourself or one of your kids walking home and get raped? Would you feel safer knowing who in the neighborhood would commit these crimes? Oftentimes,
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Indentifying offenders who are coming in to the community may cause new offenders to be scared to get caught in their actions. They will be afraid of public embarrassment and have a fear of the harsh punishments they might receive. Most incoming potential offenders will be afraid of public embarrassment. New potential offenders would end up knowing that some offenders were already Identified and would try not to make to miss take of getting caught. That is both a good and bad side to this situation. Yes, these offenders will be thinking twice of whether or not they should even attempt to try and commit a similar crime but there is a downfall to it. Although the sex offenders might be thinking twice they might also be coming up with me clever ways to do what they want and get away with it. Some sex offenders may also be scared of the harsh punishments that they are likely to receive. If sex offenders are indentified in the community if a sex offender is caught doing the same crime they are likely to receive a worst punishment from which they received before. The price for committing a crime and the price for doing it again is on a whole other scale. The price of committing any crime again is said to be at least ten times worst than when you first commit it. Knowing it will deter or completely stop sex offenders from coming into any neighborhood that has identified the known sex offenders who live around the area. This can also deter the remaining sex offenders who have yet to commit a crime and some of the ones who have been identified to leave as
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