Thesis Statement On Stop Bullying

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Connor Chow Core: ¾ Class # 8 Stop Bullying Introduction : (strong opinion intro) We need to learn to protect gay people from bullies so they won’t be afraid of school. Jamie Nabozny lived in a small town of Wisconsin. (surprising statement) He was gay, (mood) making him always terrified at school because many people bullied him almost every single day in the restroom, in the halls, and anywhere he could be seen. (Transition - Showing a result) As a result, he decided to make a stand for gay rights and protection and won. Nabozny stood up for many people like him, that couldn’t make a stand against others and (Transition - establishing time relation/sequence) finally have a voice today because of his impact in society. (Bullied documentary message = _____ ; Thesis statement, too) The Bullied documentary is about a gay man who had the courage to stand up and show the world that everyone should be treated equally, even if they are gay, they’re still a person like everyone else unique and with different beliefs. Paragraph 1 : (Main Point) Jamie Nabozny shows why you need you need make a stand so everyone is treated equally. (Evidence) Nabozny was first bullied mentally. (Transition - Giving examples) For example, he was called names like “homo”. It (Transition - establishing time relation/sequence) then turned into physical bullying. Because he was bullied so much, he sometimes needed surgery and stitches to fix all the painful bruises and cuts. (Elaboration) Many students
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