Thesis Statement On Street Animals

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Street Animals

Karmen Salazar

English IV
Mrs. Jestis
March 8, 2018

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Stray Animals
Thesis statement;
Street animals are a normal occurrence in any town or city. There are many debates on how to fix the problem and reduce the number of strays/street animals. They pose a problem to other animals as well as humans. Many people are trying to help as many animals as possible, but until everyone is on the same page on how to deal with them, street animals will remain a permanent thing in this world.
The causes of street animals.
People abandon their animals.
People continue to buy instead of adopt.
Strays aren 't always neutered, allowing multiplication.
Problems street animals bring.
Other animals
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Sometimes owners get tired of feeding or taking care of their pet, so they leave them out on the streets to fend for themselves. They do the same when their animal is sick and they can’t afford to take care of it. Sometimes owners just let their pet roam around outside. These things lead the animals to become strays. Stray animals that aren’t neutered reproduce and then there are even more animals on the street. The homeless animal population has skyrocketed due to the following reasons: lack of commitment on the part of the pet owner, the belief that pets are disposable, the misconception that the Humane Society or shelters can take care of all unwanted pets, and failure of the pet owner to spay and neuter animals(The Humane Society of Central Illinois). That being said, it is believed that animals are just objects. Once they aren’t cute anymore or they aren’t worth the effort and money to take care of, they are something that can just be thrown outside and forgotten about. This fuels the growth of stray…show more content…
People are trying and convincing shelters to raise their save rate. The problem is that won’t really make things better. To reduce the number of animals it euthanizes, a shelter must reduce the number of animals it takes in by charging high “surrender” fees, putting people on waiting lists, sending unsterilized animals to “foster” homes and more (Newkirk 2013). This leaves many animals to remain homeless. In order to limit the number of animals on the street, shelters most euthanize animals when necessary. People will most likely riot if this were the case, so there needs to be alternative methods to limit the stray population. People support shelters, and they foster animals. That helps a little bit, but it isn’t enough to reduce the number of strays

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