Thesis Statement On The Mexican Drug War

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The Mexican drug war
In this essay I will present for you the ongoing low intensity drug war in Mexico. My thesis statement for this essay is “The intervenient of the Mexican government have affected the countries murdering rate and economy extremely”. My topic sentences for this is Mexico’s intervenient in the war, the wars effect on the death rate and this wars effect on the Economy. I will in this theme show you the horrifying death rate because of this war and explain to you about the insane corruption of Mexico’s government. I will also tell you about the extreme amount of money that is made because of the drugs and how much drugs that are sent to the US.
In 11. December 2006 the new president of Mexico Felipe Calderon decided to intervene the Mexican military in the war against drugs. Since this day the country have suffered very high loses of innocents and civilians deaths. The goal for the president when the intervened was to reduce violence. This intervenient have not done so much good for the safety of the people of Mexico, but rather jeopardized the lives of the innocent and civilians on the streets. The background for this intervenient of the Mexican military is that the influence of the Mexican
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Under his administration that lasted from 2006 to 2012 its estimated by analyst that around 60.000 people had been killed, but it is estimated that around 120.000 people had been killed by the year of 2013 including 27.000 people missing and unofficial deaths. This is the outcome of Mexico’s intervenient in the drugs. All these deaths come from rebels, riots and wars on the streets and kidnapping, which is a big problem in Mexico. Mexico is rated as one of the highest rated kidnapping countries in the world. They are ranked 8 with over 70 abductions each month, this can also be looked on as a big reason of the high death numbers in
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