Thesis Statement On Transportation Design

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Design Thesis Proposal 1. Topic The proposed topic for the dissertation is to design an international institute, focused on educating students in the design of various forms of transportation in the automotive industry. Transportation design is the development of the interior and exterior appearance and ergonomics of motor vehicles, more commonly referring to automobiles, but can also entail the design of motorcycles, marine vessels, aircrafts or mass transit vehicles. Once qualified, designers are responsible for producing concepts of new vehicles, both by hand using sketches and physical models built using clay due to the ease of workability when forming the complex curves of automobiles. Thereafter computer aided design programs are used…show more content…
Firstly, being placed on the raceway exposes students to the racing industry, which can influence their decision making in terms of design, aerodynamics, performance and durability. Secondly, due to the raceways exposure to international events, the students will be exposed to the international industry and in turn expose the international industry to the South African students. The raceway is generally active closer to weekends, leaving the circuit vacant for most of the week, this creates an opportunity for students to use the circuit to test various prototypes…show more content…
During the research of the topic it was found that, there are few precedents of stand-alone transportation design buildings, the facilities are generally integrated within design colleges and universities. Therefore the precedents selected for their programmatic layout, are that of two international colleges which offer the transportation design program. Due to unavailability of transportation design in South Africa, there are no precedents which can be analyzed. During the design process further precedents will be researched in terms of materiality, water, energy and exploring the possibilities of using vehicles as precedents. • Alfred Taubman Center for design education, which is home to the College of Creative studies in Detroit, USA. The building houses the undergraduate programs of Graphic Design, Interior Design, Product Design and Transportation Design as well as the post-graduate programs in Design and Transportation Design. (CCS, S.a) • SPD Scuola Politecnica di Design located in Milan, Italy, designed by the international practice 5+1AA (Alfonso Femia Gianluca Peluffo

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