Thesis Statement Summary: Human Trafficking

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Thesis Statement
A. What I hope to aim for my audience is too see what these young girls went through and how they are lured into this not willing wanting to go. I went through and listen to lots of stories of woman who were taken when younger and how they were enslaved by these men who mentally controlled their thoughts. When I read about poor stories from overseas how parents where so desperate for money they sell their children it was heartbreaking, but those two young ladies today Keiu and Sara are now working with a group home building a future and hoping to help other victims. The purpose to give the audience a better understanding what human trafficking is and how it’s going on in our neighborhoods.
B. The part of the paper that grows out the thesis I believe is my first body paragraph. In this paragraph I tell my readers exactly what human trafficking is and why I believe it forms into slavery, I also include a graph picture of where most of the trafficking is taking place. The easiest quotes to find where about my victims and their stories, because it comes from experience. For facts I feel I did real well with equality site, they had a lot of up to date information that was needed for my paper. The hardest part to support was looking into what journalist though on this topic. It was hard because a lot of
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My other one is when journalist Jennifer Lobasz, talks about how the young girl’s innocents are taken away. I believe these two will touch my heart and others because you really learn what these girls went through and how they thought in the begin when no one else loved them someone popped into their life and showed compassion then after a short while turned violence and threaten to the point they’re scared to leave and afraid the cops won’t

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