Thesis Statement: The Great Depression

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The Great DepressionTopic: the great depressionQuestion: How did the great depression affect americans?Thesis statement:The great depression affected americans because it destroyed their economy. Millions of families lost theirs savings as many banks collapsed in the 1930’s.The Great Depression was the worst economic drop of all times in the industrial world1. The Great Depression began because of a stock market crash in 1929 and came to end ten years later in 1939, around 15 million americans were unemployed and about half of the American banks failed. It was one of the darkest era in the United States.When the stock market underwent rapid expansion, the production had been declined and unemployment had risen, leaving the stock prices higher…show more content…
If you got lucky and did not get fired the wages fell and the buying power increased. The americans that were forced to buy on credit fell into debt,and the numbers of repossessions and foreclosures increased steadily. The gold standard fixed currency exchanged around the world, and helped spread economic distress from the U.S. through the world.7When the country elected Franklin D. Roosevelt he promised he would create federal government programs to end the Great Depression.8 The federal government programs allowed people to get more jobs and help the economy increase. Roosevelt was a big influence during this time period and impacted many people, giving jobs to citizens and boosting the economy. After Franklin Roosevelt created the federal government programs it allowed the economy and society to grow and strength from the unlucky situation. Society was able 3…show more content…
Although the Great Depression impacted the society negatively, the government and people learned how to adapt to the unfortunate situation. Even though many people were impacted, the society has grown and become a stronger one because of it. Now the United States knows how to work with this mishap, they now know how to predict it and learn how to advance, and work with the problems in the future from this
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