Cause And Effect Of Arranged Marriage

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Marry for Love
What are the causes and effects of arranged marriage?

Kawsar Dahaby

Nagham Jaber
English 203-Section 26
8 October 2016

Kawsar Dahaby
Instructor: Nagham Jaber
English 203-Section 26
8 October 2016

Informative Essay’s Outline
Thesis statement: Arranged marriage, caused by socio-cultural and socio-economic factors, lead to lower divorce rates and to violence.
I- There are many factors that cause arranged marriage including cultural and socio-economic.
A- In some cultures, marriage is a social act and a family matter.
1- The choice of a partner is one of the parents’ duties. a- Parents are more experienced and more able to look for the compatibility of a couple. b- Adults should respect the parental authority.
2- Arranged
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"Marriage is considered an important goal because it 's the family unit that builds the nation" (qtd. in Heath, par. 22). Indeed, some parents believe that choosing the “right” partner for their son and even for their young girl is one of their duties. They have to choose the “right” woman that satisfies their son’s desires. Moreover, parents are wiser than the adults who are searching for love. Parents search for compatibility. A successful marriage occurs when the couple has similar beliefs, values, interests and concerns. In fact, they have deep experiences that make them achieve correct matchmaking. In addition, in the conservative cultures, most of adults respect the parental authority because they know that the disobedience may threaten the lasting of a love marriage (Kallestrup,…show more content…
Some people consider arranged marriage a way to get rid of poverty. To illustrate, some poor families look for a rich man for their daughters to provide for them better life conditions. Also, a rich husband can support the wife’s family financially. However, others families forcedly place their girls in arranged marriage for an amount of money; they sale them. For instance, my neighbor Boudour, a thirteen year-old girl, was forced by her father to marry a fifty nine year-old man for 5000$ in return. Moreover, arranged marriage saves wealth and inheritance; that’s why it’s quite common in Aristocratic and royal families. Indeed, couples in noble families are matched in most of the cases. Like for patrilineal and matrilineal families, many marriages are arranged in order to save inheritance within the same ancestor. Therefore, economic benefits cause planned marriage to
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