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My ultimate endeavor since attending community college has been my involvement in school, specifically with Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. As an engineering major I am limited to a diminutive amount of free time, due to the quantity and difficulty of my classes. However, this limitation and the fact that my ride to school is a two hour trip on public transportation, has not stopped me from participating in extracurricular activities. Applying my time management and responsibility skills that I acquired from taking several math base classes at the same time, I managed to become a member of clubs and attain leadership roles. I first became the Vice President of Service, for Phi Theta Kappa and organized service events on campus and outside of campus. Our chapter participated in canyons and beaches clean ups, with the I Love a Clean San Diego Organization, fed homeless people and people with disabilities as well as other service engagements. I also researched for individual service opportunities that Phi Theta Kappa members could have participated on their own. Recently, it has become more complex to manage classes and extracurricular activities since I decided to step up in Phi Theta Kappa when our elected president…show more content…
I also closed a partnership with EOPS, one of the school 's programs that provides support for disadvantaged students. This partnership provides an opportunity for students who achieve excellence in academics to join an internationally recognize honor society, which they might have not been able to afford on their own due to their economic situation. As an individual who understands the struggle of a low income family, I am delighted to provide this opportunity for those who qualify. I hope this is only the beginning of what I can offer for Phi Theta Kappa and my

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