Ethical Hacking Research Paper

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What is ethical hacking?
Laws related to it

1.1 Introduction Generally hacking has always been associated with negative connotations but actually hackers are those computer programmers who use their skills in a constructive manner to help the government authorities or organizations to protect and prevent any damage to the network security. In fact hackers are the one who keep the cyber criminals (also known as crackers) at bay. In today’s world when technology is growing at a rocket’s speed and with it the cyber-crimes as well. In order to keep check on the cyber-crimes the role of hackers has acquired a profound importance.
There are three categories in which hackers can be divided:
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In its early days of development a well-known manifestos “ethics” prompted the individual right to experience pure, uninhibited hacking freedom. Naturally, “freedom” meant different things to different hackers, and whatever the hackers assumed as appropriate they did it accordingly. Sometimes, this freedom took the form of illegal activities. Fortunately, slowly these hacking ethics or should we say the lack of it began to change, and today the stage is set for hackers to assert their rights of self-regulation. Hackers have to some extend embraced this opportunity to establish guidelines surrounding their most often than not controversial hacking activities. Recent evidence suggests that hackers are beginning to take an interest in the manner in which they are portrayed in the media, and are striving to gain recognition for their contributions in the world of computing. Predictably, however, hackers’ efforts to attain a respectable standing in the community have been an uphill battle. Nevertheless, hackers have begun to organize and call attention to their accomplishments, thereby ushering their hacking activities into the mainstream by organizing conferences…show more content…
The Information and Technology Act, 2000 (IT Act) covers all types of cyber-crime committed in the country including hacking which is provided under section 43 and 66. But in 2008 the word” hacker was removed as ethical hacking is considered legal. Now every government body, private information security organizations, law enforcement professionals are constantly updating law and technologies to counter each new and emerging form of contract. Section 43A of the IT Act deals with the civil liability of cyber offenders. The section deals with the compensation that should be made for failure of protection of the date. Penal liability of cracking arises when the intention or the liability of the cracker to harm the system or steal any important information gets established. If the cracker only trespasses the system without any intention to harm, it only remains a form of civil liability under section 43A. The criminal trespass can also result in other penal activities punishable under Indian Penal Code like cyber theft that can be punishable under section 378 of Indian Penal
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