Thetis Island Case Study

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Thetis Island is one of the spectacular Gulf Islands located in the Salish Sea between Vancouver Island and mainland British Columbia. Known around the world for its natural beauty, the area’s coastal environment is unlike any other in Canada. Rare plants and animals that are adapted to the region’s mild marine climate thrive here, but ever-increasing demand for land to develop threatens the ecosystems that make the Gulf Islands so special. Thetis Island’s two most prominent land features, Moore Hill and Burchell Hill, are familiar landmarks for many Salish Sea powerboaters and sailors. An ambitious project would see a new 16-hectare nature reserve on the slopes of Burchell Hill, the high point on the west side of the island. Once established,…show more content…
“Only nine per cent of the globally-rare Coastal Douglas-fir forest is currently protected, so the protection of Fairyslipper Forest is an important step towards land conservation on Thetis Island and within the region.” The Fairyslipper Forest Nature Reserve is an easy 30-minute walk from either of the two marinas on Thetis Island and is also close to the community dock and ferry landing. Once established, the nature reserve will provide recreational opportunities for boaters to stretch their legs and enjoy nature in a quiet and beautiful setting. The nature reserve will also serve as an outdoor classroom for Thetis Island Elementary School students by providing them with valuable hands-on learning opportunities. The partners have secured an option to purchase the property for $560,000. “We’re overwhelmed by the response from the small community on Thetis Island to protect Fairyslipper Forest as a nature reserve,” said Ann Eriksson, founding director of the Thetis Island Nature Conservancy. “In the first year of the campaign over 100 islanders, out of a population of 350, have pledged a third of the funds needed to purchase the

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