They Are Losing Their Senses Richard Louv Summary

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It is clear that as our world ages, our technology advances. What once was the invention of the wheel is now a 747 passenger jet. However, the real question is how as a culture of technology use these new inventions. Richard Louv is one who believed that the overuse of technology, such as cell phones, distract humanity from the important aspects of life. I agree with Louv in his belief that technology hinders the relationship between humans and the rest of the natural world. One of the best examples of why this claim is true is in the 9th paragraph of Louv’s essay. Relating to the title of his essay, Louv gives an example of how individuals come to realize that they are “losing their senses”. The author explains that in today’s world it sometimes takes a dangerous experience for one to fully come to his or her senses. Providing an example from a newspaper editor, Todd Merriman, the author demonstrates a scenario where a person trully uses all of his senses and is one with time before the age of technology. The author writes, “Later, he realized that he could not remember the last time he had used all of his senses so acutely. The near encounter jarred…show more content…
As discussed in Louv’s essay once again, although the introduction of these devices produces a much easier way to access information, this information is rarely used. For example, if one were to attempt to learn how to speak Spanish, they could simply use Google and search up the words “how to speak Spanish”. This would produce a large amount of solutions and this person could carry on his or her life while learning Spanish. However, more often than not this is not the case. Although the information is out there to be used, most would much rather use their “Smart Phone” to scroll through their Instagram newsfeed or play a game such as Flappy Bird. This furthers the point that technology hinders the interaction between humans and the natural
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