They Cage The Animals At Night Analysis

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On one drizzly night in Brooklyn,New York a little boy was left at an orphanage, his mother telling him she would be right back. Only she was not right back, and was never able to fully take care of him on her own again. This boy was Jennings Michael Burch, and They Cage The Animals At Night is a true story of Jenning’s survival and strength as he traveled from orphanage to orphanage, never quite sure when he would ever return home. Jenning’s faces many challenges throughout his childhood, but his inside strength get’s him through them all.If one thing is learned from this heartbreaking story it is: Never give up on your own psychological and mental strength, you can overcome anything and everything if you just believe. The story of Jennings Michael Burch…show more content…
As Jennings is left with the nun he is scared and confused. One of the reasons being that he has never been in an orphanage and must learn to adjust to the lifestyle and ways of this new place. “I felt strange and tingly all over. I couldn’t move. I left my coat hanging from one shoulder. The eyes kept staring while my mind raced: What’s wrong with Mom? Why did she push me away from her? Where is she? Where am I?” (Burch 4) Jennings has no idea where he is and why is there, leading him to confusion. He doesn’t know what he has done wrong to make his mother leave him in such a place. Initially in this novel Jennings is very innocent in each of the homes he travels to because he
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