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Today, there are endless arguments about the existing of the American dream. In “They say, I say” by Gerald Graff, Cathy Birkenstein and Russel Durst. There are four article that I have evaluated. The upside of income inequality – Gary S. Becker and Kevin M. Murphy, American Dream: dead, alive, or on hold – Brandon King, Bring on more immigrant entrepreneur – Shayan Zadeh, America remains the world’s beacon of success – Tim Roemer The controversy is about overcoming inequality verves the rise of inequality, also the inequality of education resulting in noble prizes and immigrant entrepreneurs. In America, there can be different views of inequality. In the article, “The upside of income inequality” – Gary S. Becker and Kevin M. Murphy. They…show more content…
In “The upside of income inequality” – Becker and Murphy, they mention the demand for education and skilled people is growing. The proportion of people going to a higher education is found among all racial and ethnic group (pg.585). As of figure 4 graph, the proportion of men and women ages 20 to 25 who are attending college has risen about half in a 40 year of tracking. They stress the important of education for all types of people that with higher level of education there is more opportunity. Therefore, in article “American remains the world’s beacon of Success” – Tim Roemer. He declares that Americans have won 333 Noble prizes in economic, physics, medicine and chemistry. Four of the world’s top five university and seven of the top 10 university are in the United States. This is the outcome to Becker and Murphy cause and effect response. “Placing a greater emphasis on education, dispensing rapidly rising rewards to those who stay in school.” Roemer awards example is American overcome inequality and achieving true prosperity just as Brandon King…show more content…
He express his experience about starting a business in America. Like Roemer say while he was in Indian, the student there told him that the place they would most want to study was America (p.619). While here are some American citizen may not attend college to earn a better living. There are those immigrant who dreams about doing the exact opposite. While Zadeh got accepted into a Ph.D. program studying engineering and computer science at University of Maryland, he had to attain a F1 visa to attend school. He wanted to become an entrepreneur and create his company with his skills; he was not allowed to do so. Zadeh the co-founder and CEO of Zoosk, an online dating web site; he wasn’t allow to own a small business because he was an immigrant. Although, when he and his partner overcome their obstacle to gain their citizenship they build a company that created job revenue for other American. Therefore, in his article he reminds us that some head quarter in the U.S. fear that the immigrant will take the jobs from American and by doing so they can drain the economy (p.625). However, like King quoted James Truslow Adam about the American dream, “is that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability and achievement, regardless of social class of

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