They Say, I Say By Mike Rose

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Blue Collar Experiences

In the book “They Say, I Say”, one of the articles by Mike Rose talked about his mother in a restaurant, and how people can learn from their Blue Collar jobs. Mike Rose had said “Like anyone who is effective at physical work, my mother learned to work smart, as she put it, to make every move count.” This meant that Mike Rose’s mother had learned the causes and effects of what would happen if she didn’t deliver food fast enough or hadn’t sent in the right order. All of these things showed Rosie the correct way to be a waitress, and what it takes to have good customer service. Which she didn’t even have to attend college to learn effective customer service. In this case not everyone has to go to college because blue collar jobs can teach anyone just as much as a college could.
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Such as the example above about Mike Rose’s mother, Rosie, she was able to learn how crucial timing and attitude were for a quality amount of customer satisfaction. These are some of the things that blue collar jobs teach people, that colleges can’t; because these types of interactions can’t be shown in a classroom. Many times work experience can be more beneficial for some people, because why should those people go to college and just be ok at a certain job; when they could be great at a blue collar
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