They Still Wonder Why They Lived In The Town Of Hiroshima Poem Analysis

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The importance of words and phrases used from Hiroshima John Hersey explains what stressful events are happening and the anxiety level used. Hersey supports his explanation, by using important words or phrases. John’s purpose is to point out, the serious events going on in the town of Hiroshima. The author wrote in a grave tone, for the readers to take seriously. To begin with, Hersey used a phrase that struck the writer tremendously. In the first paragraph, Hersey states only four among hundreds of thousands survived, “They still wonder why they lived when so many others died.” This writer puts this in the story to make the reader see their place, while explaining how fortunate they are. The people aren’t knowing who’s going to die, there just hoping they aren’t next. Bombs being dropped constantly, leaving them frightened and restless. He also put this in the passage to reflect on the reader’s life to point out the position they’re in, compared to what they could be in. To make the readers think about their life, what they been through and how they’re still here. Helping the reader to comprehend what the…show more content…
In this situation there were survivors, “These four among the survivors” it’s telling the reader some survived. The bombs were dropped to kill the Japanese, although normal civilian was killed. The town was destroyed by the air raids, leaving the town suffering. People cannot live a peaceful or normal life, being thery’re constantly having to stay alert to air raids. Although those who lived had to go through struggle to survive. Either way war regardless, anticipates an attack to come. Hersey wants to persuade the readers to see the life they had to live, also understanding the effect war put on the town of Hiroshima. Living their normal day life, going through day to day events trying to put the readers there. Giving a clear view for readers to see how over time things change, for the better and

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