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Thrombosis is the making of a blood clot inside a blood vessel, stop the flow of blood through the circulatory system. When a blood vessel is injured, the body uses platelets and fibrin to form a blood clot to prevent blood loss from the body. Even when a blood vessel is not injured, blood clots may form in the body under certain conditions. A clot, or a piece of the clot, that breaks free and begins to travel around the body is known as an embolus[1]
Analyses were performed on 44 of the 45 thrombi collected. One thrombus was not analyzed because the SEM preparation had failed. Fibrin fibers were the major thrombus component, representing more than 60% of their composition.
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Coronarythrombosis: a resultratherthanacauseof infarction?It wasassertedthat thefrequencyofcoronary thrombosis wasgreaterin patients who died late after the onset of symptoms than in those who died early. This observation formed the basis for the view that the thrombus was aresult ratherthan acause oftheinfarction. By the 1960s. thesequestions concerning the roleof coronary thrombosis were sufficient tocloudthe issue anddampen enthusiasm for the use of fibrinolytic agents, whichby then had becomeavailable for routine use .[5]…show more content…
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