Thich Quang Duc Research Paper

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Moral courage is so special to have or even do something that has the slightest hint of moral courage within it. Many people can do things that will strongly support a belief, but as I was reading about some amazing people one stood out to me in peticular. His name is Thich Quang Duc. He was a buddhist monk and willing to kill himself for his belief. Thich Quang Duc was a 67 year old monk that had devoted himself to his teachings and religion. On the 11th of June in 1963 a protest for religious equality towards buddhism was held on a busy crossroad. In that protest, Thich Quang Duc lit a match and doused himself in flames, haunting the minds for everyone there that day. Many people around this time were discriminating against buddhists,…show more content…
People may hate you and never talk to you again, even your family. For instance, take my great great grandfather . He lived in Italy on beautiful property that had traveled in the dynasty for centuries. However, it was around to time of world war two and my great great grandfather did not want to be recruited for the war and fight for Hitler 's side. So, he went to America. Now, you have to understand that my great great great grandfather, his father was raised in environment were leaving italy was like betraying everyone 's trust. Therefor, after my great great grandfather moved, his father was extremely upset and didn 't think of him as a son anymore. And to make things worse, my great great grandfather was recruited by America to fight in the war while his brother was fighting on hitler 's side. This made the relationship of the family even more intense. Now normally the beautiful land that my great great grandfather grew up on would have been split between him and his brothers. But because he left, in his father 's will, (my great great great grandfather 's will) it said, “I leave one dollar to my son Lorenzo because it is required by law.” It took a lot of moral courage to leave even if it meant losing his
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